10 Must-Have Shoes to Change Your Look

A pair of shoes can completely and radically transform an outfit and define a style. From pumps to boots to sandals, here are the 10 must-have shoes that will make all the change to your everyday looks.

Every woman is obsessed with shoes. If you ask any girl how many shoes she owns the number is likely to be between 25 and 60, and some of them would be even ashamed to admit the real amount of shoes one could find in her closet.

Shoes are a guilty pleasure and a powerful tool to always look amazing. They can completely and radically transform an outfit and define a style and they truly make your personality shine. In fact, one could say you should never judge a book from the cover, but you will always judge a girl from her shoes!

Everyone has her own must-have shoes from which they cannot absolutely part but here are the ones that will make all the change to your everyday looks. So, tick on the list the shoes that you already have and go out to buy the ones you don’t. They will stay with you a life-time and you will not regret it!

1. Practical but glam: Pumps 


A practical pump is one of those must-have items that will stay with you from teenage years to retirement. It is so versatile that you can wear it with everything and for every occasion, from work to shopping with friends to a date night.

In order to make sure that it will be a truly timeless piece, get it in black or nude color for a chic and sophisticated look. The height of the heel has to be one that will make you feel comfortable and not shaky, but, of course, the higher the heel the more provocative and amazing you will look.

Styling tip: wear them with a lace cocktail dress to toughen up the look and make it more sensual but still elegant and sophisticated.

2. Flats

For every girl who is quite tall naturally, flats are the perfect alternative to heels. Just like pumps, they can go with absolutely everything and they are versatile enough to be worn in most occasions.

Styling tip: wear a pair of flats in a bright color or a cool design to spice up a boring outfit.

3. Knee-high Boots 

Perfect for Autumn and Winter. The perfect pair of boots are in brown or black and reach just below the knee. They can be flat or with a heel, it is not important, but make sure to get them in a great quality and structure and they will last you a lifetime.

Styling tip: wear them with leggings and an oversize sweater for a casual but cool look.

4. Booties


A small and thick heel and a neutral color will make the perfect bootie that will accompany you during the long days of Autumn and Winter. The trick is to get them with the top part wider than your ankle, as it will create an optical illusion making your leg look slimmer and longer.

Styling tip: wear them with tights and a nice woolen dress in Winter or a pair of skinny jeans in Autumn.

5. Comfortable Sandals

How many times does it happen in Summer that you have to run around doing things under the heat or walk miles to visit a new place when you are on holiday? Comfy sandals are an absolute essential for Summer. They are easy to slip on and take off and, if you choose them in a cool model, they can complete an outfit fabulously. So, even though you might be tired and sweaty after a long walk in the heat, you will still look gorgeous and pulled together.

Styling tip: wear them in bright colors with cute sun-dresses or playsuits for a fresh and young look

6. Strappy Wedges

Wedges are fun, summery and comfortable. Perfect during the day but also for a relaxed night out. They work not only in Summer, but in Autumn and Spring too, so they will be a great investment for your closet.

Styling tip: wear them in funky colors or with crazy patterns to make a statement with your shoes.

7. Biker Boots

Another must-have shoes are the biker boots. They are quite alternative and not at all obvious in any outfit. They are not as versatile as some of the other shoes I have mentioned, but very cool and comfy. They will for sure toughen up all your looks!

Styling tip: wear them in Spring with a floral or lace dress and a leather jacket for the perfect contrast between sweet and fierce.

8. Cool Brogues


They are an item stolen from menswear that keeps coming back in fashion over and over again. They can be quite smart but also casual and cool shoes, but most importantly they are super comfy and can be worn during all your daytime activities.

Styling tip: wear them with a cute dress and a blazer for a sophisticated yet casual look.

9. Party Heels

Girls just wanna have fun… also when it comes to shoes! Here you are allowed to go crazy with colors, details and height! Your party heels are must-have shoes that will be able to turn you into the star of the evening and make every outfit special and fun. Your goal? To attract the attention of anyone you walk by.

Styling tip: wear them with an LBD when going out with friends. Your work outfit will immediately become a perfect party look!

10. Sneakers

They are certainly not the most desirable pair of shoes, not like the ones you have been eyeing for months in the window of that shop, but every girl should have a pair of them. They are the perfect motivation for starting to go running or to the gym in the morning before work or later in the evening. Even though you are not a sporty person you should most definitely store a pair at the back of your closet.

Styling tip: wear them ONLY at the gym or when you are doing sports. Make sure to have a good spare pair of shoes with you. Who knows who you might meet while running and, in case he asks you to go out for a drink after, you already have the right life-saving tool to amaze him in your bag!

These are some of the must-have shoes that any girl should have in her wardrobe and that will step up your everyday looks, no matter your size, age or personal style. After you have the basic, then, you can go crazy and have fun in adding up with other fun and cool shoes in different versions. My mantra simply is: a girl can never, ever have too many shoes!

What are your favorite shoes? Is there a pair of shoes that you could not absolutely part from? Are there other types of shoes that you would include in this list?

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