Transition Your Wardrobe: How to Wear Your Summer Clothes This Fall

Keep wearing your summer clothes and transition into the colder season with ease thanks to these unique fashion tricks and tips

Even though we struggle to admit it, fall has almost arrived. And even if we are still at the seaside right now, Labor day will be here before we even realize it and the cool weather will come with it.

No one really wants to give up on their cute and colorful summer clothes and accessories, which are often the most beloved items in a woman’s wardrobe, but guess what?

You don’t have to!

At least at the beginning of fall, you can make the transition more subtle and easier without having to shove to the back of the closet all your summer items.

Make the best use of your summer clothes and wear them for longer also into fall with these fashion tricks!

Tip #1: A pair of black tights will be your life-saver

Black tights

They are the must-have item you need for this tricky transition! They are simply perfect to wear with any summery item you have, like a skirt, a dress or a pair of shorts, especially if they are in darker colors.

Choose them in the right denier depending on how cold it gets in your area so you are always sure to neither be to hot nor too cold (the higher the denier the warmer they will be).

An alternative to tights are also leggings, that are perfect worn under a cute summer dress!

Tip #2: Mix summer colors with fall hues


Ease into fall by still using the bright summery colors mixed with the typical warm fall ones, such as orange, mustard yellow, brown and red.

Also a touch of animal prints will be great to put in the mix!

Tip #3: Layer it up


When the cooler weather comes all you want is to feel comfy and warm, so layering up your outfit is the perfect way to use your summer t-shirts and skirts and be ready for any change of temperature.

Remember though – when you are layering up item above item to always show your feminine figure under all those clothes, either by leaving a part of the body exposed or by belting everything.

Tip #4: Scarf it


A scarf if your best friend for between the season as it can update any outfit.

Choose one that is large and long and that can open up into a shawl for the maximum warmth and coziness. Infinity scarves are still on trend so you can use also them together with a short-sleeve or sleeveless top.

Tip #4: Go for sweaters


A cardigan sweater is a no-brainer when it comes to taking a summer outfit into fall.

It can go over your sundress, maxi dress or t-shirt and it will give you a cozy but chic look. You can either wear it oversize or belt it for a more feminine look.

How do you put these tips into practise?

You understand our tips, but not sure how to use them when planning your outfits?

Here are some examples on how you can put into practice these tips!

Outfit #1: Maxi dress for fall

Maxi dress for fall outfit combination

All items clockwise starting from top left:

That maxi dress that you used in those warm summer days can become your best friend for your chic fall soirées! It is all about accessorizing it in the right way.

First of all, you want to feel warm, so a black trench coat on top is a must if want to avoid freezing to death.

If it is still warm enough, you can still wear your high-heeled sandals, but, if you think that your feet are going to get really cold in them, you can opt for a pair of killer ankle booties to make an impression.

Just a couple of accessories are then needed, like an aggressive studded leather bracelet and a pair of chandelier earrings, to continue that contrast between fierce and feminine. A clutch bag will finish off this look perfectly!

 Outfit #2: Denim shorts for fall

Denim shorts for fall outfit combination

All items clockwise starting from top left:

Military style will still be on trend this fall, so why not investing in a military green parka? It will be absolutely perfect for fall and it will not keep you as warm as a winter coat.

To keep on using your denim shorts, you can, as mentioned before, go for a pair of tights, either all black or with some decorations on them to add an extra element of interest to the look.

You can wear this ensemble with a simple white t-shirt, a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, and a pair of biker boots to keep everything very edgy and aggressive.

A simple bracelet will them be perfect to complete this casual look.

Outfit #3: Your summer dress for fall

summer dress for fall outfit combination

All items clockwise starting from top left:

  • Black Blazer ($1,504) at Roberto Cavalli
  • Yigal Azrouel Sleeveless Pleated Dress With Leather Details ($840) at Marissa Collections
  • Michael Kors Studded Leather Bracelet ($85) at Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Jil Sander Across-Body Bag ($1,125) at Yoox
  • 90 Denier Opaque Tights ($19.94) at Witchery
  • Yellow Platform Court Shoe ($18) at Fashion Union

Your summer dress here becomes the protagonist of a great fall look. As long as it is not in a too summery hue, it will look perfect together with a pair of black tights and a classic black blazer on top.

A great office look, made a bit more interesting by the bright yellow pumps, another reminiscent of summer.

As for the accessories, go for a maxi bag, perfect to carry everything you need for your day at work, and a studded leather bracelet to add that aggressive element to the look.

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