10 Sexy Tips to Drive Him Crazy in Bed

When it comes to men, they say any sex is good sex. But there’s no reason not to take your sex life from plain ol’ good to mind-blowing! Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Men are easy to please in bed. All it takes is a little imagination, an open mind, and a willingness to please. Sexy lingerie doesn’t hurt either.

If you’re looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom, read on and get ready to give him the best sex of his life!

1. Take control and be dominant

Sexy brunette seduced a guy in business suit

Believe it or not, he doesn’t always want to be the man in charge. Every man likes being dominated in the bedroom once in a while by a sexy, confident woman who knows exactly what she wants.

So the next time you’re feeling horny, grab him, push him up against a wall and watch as he gets an instant erection! Don’t be afraid to spank him gently while you’re at it.

Don’t feel confident? Make sure you read our tips on how to overcome your shyness in bed.

2. Talk dirty

I used to be the absolute worst at dirty talking! I couldn’t figure out why I needed to talk about sex while actually having sex. But that was before I realized just how much it drives a man crazy to hear how good he’s making you feel.

So even if it sounds silly to you, do it. Start off with easy to say things like “Mmmm I like that” and build up to raunchier stuff like “Yes shove your  **** deep inside me”.

I find that it’s also a great way to sneak in instructions on what gets you going (“Yes…touch me right there”). Win-win!

3. Hairy Scary Monster

Okay, I didn’t mean to make it sound awful, but a little hair down there really turns men on. It probably has something to do with with way too many silicone breasts and bald vaginas in porn movies in the past decade or so.

Men like real women and nothing says real like going natural. Of course, keep it trimmed or try a pattern. No one wants to navigate through a jungle!

4. Let him watch you

Nothing gets my man going like letting him watch me pleasure myself. The next time you want to spice things up, tell him you have a little surprise for him.

Put on something he likes (could be your new sexy teddy or even his old white t-shirt), put on a little music, gyrate and slowly get down to business. Maintain eye contact at all times and bring your toys.

Tease him until you think he’s good and hard and only then let him touch you. I promise you the sex after will be orgasmic (literally).

5. Watch porn with him


Lots of women are quite stuck up when it comes to porn. I remember a friend who once said “Shouldn’t I be good enough for him?”.

That’s not the point ladies. Personally, I think it’s a great way to learn a thing or two (pornstars really know how to talk dirty) and live out your fantasies.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea, don’t start with something crazy like a pool orgy video. Opt for something softcore. He’s already excited by simply listening to your suggestion.

Now all you need to do is loosen up and have fun!

6. Let there be light

God knows we all have issues when it comes to our bodies but the truth is men don’t really care about a little extra tummy flab or your jiggly thighs.

They are visual creatures and nothing gets them going like looking at your naked body when you’re having sex. Soft, yellow lighting is forgiving of most “flaws” so use that instead of a glaring white light.

7. Swallow


I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but I really don’t get women who don’t swallow. It’s plain rude and unless you’re allergic to semen, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t swallow.

Most men think it’s extremely sexy to see a woman swallow and I’d imagine it’s not exactly an ego-boost to see your woman spit out the minute you ejaculate in her mouth.

I really think you should check out our blowjob tips article, it will help you take your blowjobs to the next level ;)

8. At the back of it all

This is sort of controversial and it really depends on the man you’re with but there’s no harm trying. The next time you’re down there, gently rest two fingers between his testicles and his anus and add a little pressure.

If he seems to like it, work your way up slowly to his anus and stimulate him. The nerve endings in that area can really drive him crazy. If he’s uncomfortable and wants you to stop… well, at least you tried.

But if he loved it and if both of you are up for it, you could even try exploring the area with your tongue. A lot of men like being licked down there, even though few care to admit it.

Of course, I recommend a vigorous cleaning before and after.

9. Spontaneity


To re-ignite the flame in your bedroom, you need to get out of the bedroom. What I mean is, don’t always worry about the perfect setting, the right place, whether or not you smell good, etc.

Nothing is hotter than spontaneous sex! Just remember to stay safe. You don’t want to get into trouble for lewd public behaviour or get caught in your best friend’s bathroom. Embarrassing!

10. Be open-minded

Last but not least, be open minded. Share your fantasies with each other and don’t dismiss any ideas he has as silly. The internet is a vast ocean of kinky ideas that the two of you can try.

We’d recommend swinging – if you’re thinking about, read on and find out why swinging is the #1 way to improve your sex life.

Give everything a chance (within boundaries of course). Variety is the spice of life and all that. You never know what you may end up liking!

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