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7 Morning Sex Positions to Try Before Breakfast

Make good use of his ‘morning glory’ and try out these morning sex positions before breakfast for a terrific start to the day!

Did you know that your man experiences a series of erections during his sleep throughout the night? In fact, a healthy man usually has on average 3-5 of them; each one lasting around half an hour! God knows what he is dreaming about!

When you wake up to feel your man squirming about in bed and prodding you with his morning glory, this is the final one in his series of nighttime erections. And you can imagine that waking up with an erection is usually what puts every guy in the perfect mood for morning sex!

Women on the other hand are usually not quite so eager first thing in the morning to get down and dirty, are we? Firstly, we’re still half asleep; and secondly, we’re usually put off by our partner’s dragon breath, or feeling self-conscious about our own!

Having sex with your boyfriend first thing in the morning though, will release the feel-good hormone Oxytocin into both of your systems, making you feel bonded for the rest of the day. Now that’s a good reason to rub the sleep out of your eyes and get busy!

Here are 7 morning sex positions for you to try before breakfast… One for every day of the week!

#1 Lazy Sunday morning spooning

This is the perfect sex position first thing in the morning. You will probably wake up in the right position anyway, with him conveniently snuggling up behind you.

He is bound to already be rubbing his morning glory against you, so all you have to do is respond by rotating your hips back into him to let him know you’re feeling horny too.

Early morning sex tip: Spooning is the best morning sex position if you are feeling paranoid about your breath, because you don’t have to breath all over each other when you are facing away from him. But you will still feel intimate because he is cradling you from behind.

#2 The flattering Monday missionary position


This is perfect for the morning time when you are probably not entirely awake, because he will get on top and do most of the work, and you just have to lay back and enjoy!

Early morning sex tip: If you are self-conscious in the morning light, this sex position is great for stretching out your body on the bed so that you look lean and sexy!

#3 Let him take you from behind on Tuesday

You don’t even have to get up on all fours… just lie on your front and let him come in from behind you.

Like the spooning position, it will give enough space to combat any breath issues, especially if he is sitting up and away from you so that he can enjoy a glorious view of your backside!

Early morning sex tip: Entering you from behind may put more pressure on your bladder, so make sure you get into the habit of emptying it the night before so as not to interrupt the natural sexy flow of things.

#4 Do it in the shower together midweek

You can save time (and water) in the mornings, and make time for sex if you integrate it into your shower routine. Taking a shower together is a sexy way to start the day, and you will both leave the bathroom feeling even more revived than usual!

Early morning sex tip: Make sure its all hot and steamy in there by letting him go in first, and then you can slip in after he has got started, to surprise him! You might want to invest in a non-slip mat for your bath tub if you intend on making this a regular thing.

#5 The ‘T’ position stands for “Thursdays”


Forget your morning cup of tea, the only T you will want to be thinking about in future is the ‘T’ sex position. It’s a bit like spooning… He lies on his side while you lie on your back with your leg over his hip so that he enters you from underneath and your bodies form a ‘T’ shape.

It is easy, and doesn’t require much effort. It also gives you enough space to feel comfortable about morning breath, and groggy eyes. Not to mention being the ideal position for his penis to reach your G Spot!

Early morning sex tip: It is easy for him to stimulate your clitoris in this position because your legs are wide open! Guide his hand to where it needs to be, or play with yourself!

#6 Wake him up with your mouth on fantasy Fridays!

If you want to give him something to fantasize about all day; make his dreams come true and go down on him in the morning. Every guy wishes he could wake up in the morning with his erect penis inside a woman’s mouth; so make it happen.

It’ll make you feel great putting that huge grin on his face, and he is sure to return the favour in the evening, when it is your turn to be in the mood for sex!

Early morning sex tip: You might be feeling tired, but if you want to send him off to work with a sizzling hot memory you had better wake up and make that blow job one to remember! Be a sex goddess and you will reap the rewards later on.

#7 Work off your fry up on Saturday


If it’s the weekend and you’ve cooked up a sizzling delight in the kitchen for breakfast, there’s no better idea than to work it off afterwards by having lots of great morning sex.

If you’ve both got nowhere to be, climb back into bed and make the most of it! You have until noon and beyond…

Early morning sex tip: Open the curtains and let in the morning light so your boyfriend can appreciate your raw natural beauty. Morning light on your body is sexy and fresh!  Climb on top of him and give him a good view while working off all of those calories.

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  • #6 Wake him up with your mouth on fantasy Fridays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oh come on! Sex is even more great when you’re married. Boys won’t have to wear a condom anymore (only if either of you want the other to wear it). You can take your own time, you won’t have any curfews and you’re living underneath one roof with no one around to boss you. Sex is life…