Best Places To Have Sex Outside Of Your Bedroom

Having sex in a special or unusual place can add a lot of excitement to the experience. Discover top spots to try sex outside of your bedroom. Having sex in a special or unusual place can add a lot of excitement to the experience. Sex in public or just in a strange place is thrilling, […]

Having sex in a special or unusual place can add a lot of excitement to the experience. Discover top spots to try sex outside of your bedroom.

Having sex in a special or unusual place can add a lot of excitement to the experience. Sex in public or just in a strange place is thrilling, and it’s usually something you’ll never forget. It can add a refreshing spark to any relationship.

You might not even realize that you were starting to get bored until you do something like randomly jump on your partner in a place that you wouldn’t normally do it. They might be surprised and even confused at first, but they’ll appreciate it after.

Having a random element of spontaneous sex adds sexual tension to a relationship. Sex at unusual times can really do wonders to keep a relationship fresh and interesting.

You should do this with your partner somewhat regularly in order to help maintain their interest and work your way further into their fantasies.

If you suspect that your partner might make a move at some point, not in the bedroom but you have no idea where or when it can build anticipation and keep the fire burning. Role playing and other acts outside of the norm also stimulate sexual attraction in a relationship.

Build up the tension

Playfulness and teasing in locations outside of the bedroom is always good. Anything to build up the tension and get your partner excited, even for just a few seconds, will benefit the relationship overall.

At the very least, it will demonstrate to them that you still find them sexy and you feel the urge to randomly jump their bones the way you did when the two of you first met.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be straight up sex to have the same exciting result. Oral sex or even just heavy petting can have a similar effect to an extent. If you or your partner is too shy to actually have full on sex in any of the locations described below, try doing a bit hooking up without any pressure to take it all the way and see if you or they warm up to it.

If you like the idea of experimenting with sex in new locations, or you’ve already tried it and you’re curious about where else you can do it, this rundown of the best spots you may or may not have thought of will surprise and arouse both you and your partner.

So, the best places to have sex outside your bedroom are…

In a car

couple of lovers kissing and hugging in the car

Inside a car is not the most comfortable place to have sex, but car sex is usually random and thrilling enough to make it so worth it. The suddenness of it can be very arousing. It’s always memorable, especially the first time.

If you haven’t ever tried having sex in a car, then you definitely need to pull over somewhere real quiet without telling your partner what you’re doing and make. Your partner will love it.

Another reason why this is one of the best places to have sex is that you can take a car anywhere. You can find a romantic spot to park and have the perfect moment before making the move.

Parking for some BJ can also be very exciting. Here is  how to give a blowjob that will blow his mind.

In a pool or jacuzzi

Having sex in a body of water has a whole different feel. The texture and feeling is totally different, for guys at least. I can’t attest to what it’s like for girls, but I think I can safely speak for all the men out there by saying we love it.

Foreplay underwater is different too. The feel of your partner’s body under the water adds pleasure to an already unique feeling. Jacuzzis can get a bit messy if there is splashing. Also, you are limited to how long you can do it in a hot tub or jacuzzi because of the temperature.

It’s recommended that you spend a maximum of 15 minutes in a jacuzzi or hot tub. If you stay too long it will make you dehydrated and could even make you sick.

In the shower or bath tub

Beautiful young couple relaxing together and drinking Champagne in the Whirlpool

The foreplay is what makes shower sex so great. Washing each other can be very arousing. Soap on the skin can add a lot of sensitivity. Although in the shower the act itself can be cumbersome without some kind of seat, the shower is always an excellent place to kick things off before drying off and heading to the bedroom.

Sex in the shower is fun because it’s thrilling. It’s new, it’s adventurous, and it feels like you’re enjoying a long-hidden secret fantasy.  Have your partner press your back up against the shower wall as he faces you and then enjoy some of the best sex of your life!

If you turn and face the wall, your man can enter you from behind. You’ll experience an entirely different set of pleasures.

Shower sex is fun, it’s exotic, it’s erotic and it will give you all the thrills you could ever imagine. It’s also very convenient for quick sex or that-time-of-the-month sex.

Dressing room

This is definitely one of the best places to have sex in public because it’s also one of the safest as long as you keep quiet. That’s easier said than done though. With the excitement of the fact that you’re doing it in a changing room and the natural sounds of the act, it’s best to either take it really slow as to minimize noise or do it really fast and get out of there.

Public sex is best as a quickie anyway. Don’t be surprised if your man finishes as quickly as he can.

Laundry room

As a guy, I can tell you that being in a laundry room with a girl is kind of arousing. Maybe it’s because they’re very small rooms and you have to stand so close to each other, or maybe it’s all the underwear hanging around, but whatever it is, the laundry room is high on the list of places that we want to try having sex.

When you’re done, you can pick your clothes up off the floor and toss them straight into the washer.

Interesting place to have sex outside your bedroom, isn’t it?


A young woman sitting in the tent with naked back

If you can prevent mosquitoes from making their way into your tent, camping is a good time for romantic, pitch dark sex on a sleeping bag. Being out in the wilderness with no television or household distractions lets you focus on your partner. You’ll have plenty of time for foreplay, so take it slow and let the relaxing vibe lead the way.

In front of a mirror

Being able to see yourself in the act in real time is interesting. You’ll find that you end up watching yourself just as much if not more than your partner. It’s unusual to be able to see yourself having sex while actually doing it, so it’s fun if you haven’t done it in a while, and especially if you’ve never done it before.

You can avoid feeling insecure by playing with lighting beforehand. This is how during sex you are not worrying about what you look like. That’s because you will already have a good idea. You can check yourself out in different positions so that you can feel fully confident with your partner.

Increase your enjoyment during sex by trying various mirror sex positions.

At the beach

One of the best places to have sex outside your bedroom is beach.

If you can ensure that sand doesn’t get into any unwanted areas, sex on the beach is great on a whim. If it were to be planned out, you could have plenty of beach towels and space to stretch out without touching the sand, but that would take away some of the gritty charm of getting down and dirty along the shore.

Too much wind can really put a damper on it though, so keep that in mind before packing your beach towels with a surprise for your partner in mind.

In the kitchen

Cropped image of beautiful young passionate couple eating toasts and drinking coffee in kitchen at home

The kitchen is a great place to have spontaneous sex. There’s something implicitly sexy about a woman cooking. The countertop serves as a good place to start. If you have whipped cream or chocolate syrup, you could have some real fun with your foreplay. If you’ve ever seen the movie 9 ½ Weeks with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke then you know what I mean.

On a plane

A mile high club is a coveted group that only the bravest manage to earn their way into. Very few people actually accomplish it, but for those who have, they will forever have the best sex story to share with their friends.

Most of all, discovering the best places to have sex is all about timing. No matter where you might be, as long as you have enough privacy to pull it off, you can have a once in a lifetime thrill by being creative and going with the flow.

When the mood strikes and the light bulb in your head lights up, don’t be afraid to make the move and make the moment memorable and pleasurable for both you and your partner.

In The Park

Suggest taking an evening stroll when the rest of the neighborhood is tucked up in bed. Avoid cold weather. On a balmy summer’s night with the soft romantic breeze blowing, there’s nothing more beautiful about getting naked in nature. As you pass a hidden corner, suggest taking a short break to take it all in. Start kissing him wildly and you’ll soon find yourselves in a nest of leaves getting it on.

Do you think you and your fella have thought of every possible place to get it on? Think again! Here are more secret sex spots you don’t want to miss!

Hot Places to Perform Oral Sex

Surprise him by joining him in the shower, and go down on him! The running water will feel erotic because you will be all wet and naked, he will also be clean so you will have no hang-ups about giving it your all.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.  In front of a full-length mirror, have your partner stand or sit while you drop to your knees and give him oral. Let him return a favor. We recommend you read Jack’s Blowjob Lessons, the bestselling step-by-step guide to giving killer blow jobs.

Surprise him in his office, Lock the door and give him something too remember!

Sex outside your bedroom? Oh, yes.

Share your suggestions.

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