How to Have Multiple Orgasms and Enjoy Sex More

Are you feeling a little unsatisfied lately? Is your libido screaming for more? Don’t stop at just one, here’s how to have multiple orgasms!

If you’re anything like me (and every other woman on the planet) then you ache for those nights when you have multiple orgasms…you long to be loved until you pass out…you want more.

In my early twenties I thought I would be tired of sex when I hit my mid-thirties. Now, I’m in my near-late thirties and want sex more than I ever have in my adult life. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a very naughty woman when I reach a ripe old age.

What’s so great about sex? Well, of course, it’s the orgasms. So here’s how to have multiple orgasms and enjoy your sex life much more.


What woman doesn’t love the feel of sex? The way your entire body shakes in pleasure, the way you forget how to think, the way you’re completely exhausted afterwards.

One is never really enough, though. I have found that women our age (or any age really) need to orgasm more than once to really have a fulfilling sexual experience. Most women are even more aroused after their first orgasm, and crave more pleasure.

It’s easy to have multiple orgasms. Here are a few tips to give you all the exhausting pleasure you need.

1. Do Kegel exercises

Build up your vaginal muscles by doing Kegel exercises. One great way to have multiple orgasms is to clench your vagina tight and loose again when he’s inside you.

Tightening your muscles when you’re wrapped around him not only allows you to feel his natural ridges (which hit some really amazing sexual nerves inside you), but it also gives your man some unbelievable pleasure when you tighten around him like that. It’s a win-win situation!


2. Use G-spot toys

Yes, ladies, the G-spot is real. It isn’t always the easiest place to find, but it’s there, believe me. If you want to have multiple orgasms, use a G-spot toy, or have your lover use one on you. There’s a special curve at the tip of the vibrator that’s meant to press against your G-spot and give you multiple orgasms. It works, I can vouch for it.

3. Direct your man

Okay, ladies, we’ve all been there before. Your guy is doing it right…he’s got you, it’s going great and you’re just about to…WHY ON EARTH DID YOU STOP?!?!

Yeah. He stopped.

If you want to have multiple orgasms, you have to make sure your man knows when to stop, and when not to stop.


There are verbal ways of telling him what to do (Yes…THERE, RIGHT THERE!!!!) and there are non-verbal ways (grabbing his hair, clawing his back, pushing his head where you want it to go.

It’s not always the big things they miss either. I love to be kissed on my neck; it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to get me to orgasm. Do you know how many men miss this very important spot?! Nearly all of them…until I maneuver my head and he’s forced to kiss me there, and then I make a cute moaning noise to let him know that’s what I like.

Use your charm, ladies, and let him give you one orgasm after another.

4. Do it yourself

Maybe your libido is higher than your man’s. Maybe he gets worn out a little bit faster than you do. Sometimes, you’ve got to give yourself multiple orgasms.

It’s actually quite common for men to tire out before women, and when you’re left wanting more, it’s okay to finish the job yourself. Masturbation is the best way to have multiple orgasms because you know what you want.

Want it a little rough? Go for it. Want it soft and then rough? You can do that too. It’s okay to go to the shower and finish having fun by yourself if your guy tired out on you. There will be times he exhausts you first and has to get himself off, too. That’s just how sex works.


5. Watch adult movies

Adult movies are great, I’m a big fan. First, they’re cheesy, and anything cheesy is fun to watch. Second, it really is hot watching someone else have an orgasm; it makes you want to have one, too. Third, it lets you get your freak on.

If you’re a little bit naughtier than your man (a common problem amongst couples), then go out and get yourself a few of your favorite kinds of dirty movies and have fun alone. I’ve got a secret video stash I use for emergencies.

I know people who are into bondage, I know people who like normal girl on girl action, I even know people who are into midget action. If you have a secret fetish, indulge yourself and watch how quickly those orgasms come (pun totally intended). Sex is healthy and natural and there’s no reason to be embarrassed by it.

6. Make foreplay a MUST!

If you want multiple orgasms, you have to have foreplay!!! I can’t stress this enough, ladies, foreplay is an absolute must for multiple orgasms. Most women don’t even get off through vaginal sex; it’s all about the clitoral stimulation.


7. Don’t stop

Don’t stop after one orgasm, keep having sex, take breaks, and go back to the foreplay for a little while…but for multiple orgasms, the important thing is not to stop!

8. Don’t think

You won’t be able to orgasm once, let alone multiple times, if you’re worrying about your job, the bills, what’s for dinner, or any other mundane thing. Stop worrying, don’t think, and just be in the moment. The moment is much more enjoyable that way.


9. Challenge him

Want to know a quirky and fun way to have multiple orgasms? Challenge him! Bet him something he wants (you know, an awesome blow job or a new position) if he can make you get off at least five times.

Men love a challenge, especially when the reward is something they choose. Make it a challenge for him to give you multiple orgasms, and you’ll pass out from pleasure before you know it.

10. Fantasize

Sometimes you just want to be with someone else. That’s okay. Fantasies are just fantasies, and they’re a natural and normal part of a healthy sexual relationship.

If you can turn your fantasies into a reality (role playing for example) then that’s great! If you have to imagine you’re sleeping with Leonardo DiCaprio tonight…well, that’s great too! Do what you have to do to give yourself multiple orgasms.

Did you know that women are sexually capable of having unlimited orgasms? What’s your record?

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