5 Great And Easy Ways To Surprise Your Husband

If his birthday is approaching or you just want to do something nice for your man, read our tips on the best ways to surprise your husband. He'll love it!

Every woman should surprise her husband every once in a while. Little surprises will not only make your husband happy, but they will also break up the routine in your marriage. Check out these 5 great ways to surprise your husband.

1) Surprise gift

ways to surprise your husband

A surprise gift could easily be the best way to surprise your husband. It is surely the easiest. Just run to the shop and buy something nice for your husband.

It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive; you could even get his favorite dessert or favorite drink for example. The whole point is to show that you care and that you are thinking about your husband and the things he likes.

If you lack ideas, feel free to check out our article on best presents for men.

2) Surprise love making

Surprise love making is something your husband will not only like, but he will love it. Men love when a woman initiates lovemaking, so make a little effort and prepare a surprise love making night for your husband. Trust me, he will remember that.

ways to surprise your husband

This could be very good for your marriage, especially if you are having some problems with the routine in your life. So, the first thing to do – go and buy some nice and sexy lingerie. After that, wait for your husband to come home, wearing nothing but the new lingerie.

If you can’t really do this because of the kids or for any other reason, wait for the night. Go take a shower, put your new lingerie on, put a naughty smile on your face and surprise your husband. If you have skills and you’re brave enough, put on a striptease show for him.

You can spice up your marriage with different sex positions designed to keep both parties entertained and interested after years of being with one person. Try them. They’re fun!

Role Play Ideas To Turn Him On

Being in a loving relationship is wonderful, yet it’s so simple to get stuck in a rut.

When you share your fetishes and desires with your spouse, you’ll be surprised how much closer you two become. It’s time to get to know one another, discuss your preferences, and determine how far you’re willing to go outside of your comfort zone.

Here are some playful and flirtatious methods to add some variety and seductive role-playing scenarios to pique his interest.

Blow His Mind

Give him a seductive look right into his eyes. Make a pose in which he can also enjoy the view – your body. And no, don’t turn the lights off. Give him a blowjob that will really blow him away.

Give your relationship a little extra heat. He’ll feel that you find him attractive and of course you’ll give him that extra boost to his ego – because deep down he wants to know that he’s all man.

Master the art of blowjobs and make any man sexually addicted to you

3) Surprise party

Surprise party could be a good idea no matter how old you are. People sometimes say that surprise parties are for young people, but I don’t buy it. Surprise parties are fun, and they are for people of all ages.

Your husband’s birthday is coming along? Plan a surprise party for him. Invite a couple of friends to help you and make a party your husband will remember for a long time. Whenever there’s a reason to celebrate, a surprise party for your husband is a great idea.

4) Surprise trip

This is something you will need to be more careful about because you will need to think about all the arrangements and set everything up without him knowing. Make sure that you don’t plan the trip when your husband can’t go and be sure to plan something that will be fun for him too.

So, a weekend in the mountains or on the lake will probably be a better idea than a weekend at the spa, since the majority of men prefer adventure, sports and spending time in nature.

Choose something you will both enjoy doing and surprise your husband with a nice and fun trip. You could also plan a surprise trip for your husband only. If he works a lot and needs a break, a golf trip or anything else he might enjoy would be a great idea. Give your husband a great present and surprise him with a trip he will enjoy.

You can also book him a weekend getaway with his friends. That way you’ll get bonus points since you’ll show him that you love him and trust him enough to let him go alone with the guys.

5) Surprise dinner

ways to surprise your husband

This is always a great idea. Make sure that your husband will not be working late because you don’t want the whole thing to go to waste. Put on some music, sip a glass of wine, and start making a surprise dinner for him.

You can find some great ideas for a romantic dinner and also some fantastic romantic recipes in our articles on these subjects. Light up a couple of candles, pour some nice red wine and enjoy a romantic dinner with your husband.

No matter which type of surprise you choose,  your husband will be happy that you’ve made an effort to do something nice for him, believe me when I say that! It will also encourage him to do the same thing for you every now and then and you will certainly have a great time.

How do you like to surprise your husband? Do you have some ideas that you’d love to share with our readers? Don’t be shy, leave a comment down below!

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  • One thing I recently did for my wonderful husband is..I made serval big signs..1st one said..To my loving hubby Alex R…next sign said..Thank you for being so good to me…Next sign said God has blessed me with you!…nest sign said..You have made me so satisfied and truely happy.. Next sign said..I want the world to know how much I love you..and as he got to the next sign..I was standing on side of road fixed up with flowers..with my big sign saying..Will work..with you by you and for you..I LOVE YOU!! I had fun doing this..I made sure I was safe and put out the signs close to our home and just around the time I knew he’d be driving down the street. To see the shock on his face was priceless! I always do things like this for him always trying to top the last thing I did..I have so many ideas..

  • My husband and I used to be based together in Germany while we were in the military. While there my husband became best friends with another airman. Now present day, they hadn’t seen eachother in years, though they did talk often. So for his birthday I secretly contacted his friend and I flew him out to where we live. Then I just walked in the house with him like it was no big deal. My husbands face was PRICELESS! He bear hugged the crap out of his poor friend.