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How to Look Sexier in Bed in 10 Simple Steps

Are you getting ready for “the big night”? Are you and your guy ready to take that next step and spend the night together? If so, then you’re probably worrying about how you’ll look naked? Don’t worry any longer. Here are 10 guaranteed ways to look sexier in bed.

It’s always nerve wracking having sex with someone new – whether it’s a one night stand or the guy you’ve been dating for a while and have been waiting to bed. Looking sexy isn’t as difficult as you might think, though. Here are 10 tips to get yourself looking your best for the big night.

#1 Take a Shower

Always take a shower before sex. If you have a big date before the big event, shower and shave. First, you’ll feel rejuvenated and second, you’ll smell amazing. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how good you look, if you smell bad he’s going to think twice about sleeping with you.

#2 Fix Your Hair

Sexy brunette woman with long hair posing in bathroom

Many women think that guys go nuts over our bodies, and we feel like we have to be a supermodel to look good naked. I’m going to tell you right now guys aren’t paying that much attention. You’re naked and you’re in front of him and you want to sleep with him…automatically you are the most gorgeous woman on the planet. Still, he will be looking at your eyes and your face and playing with your hair, so make your hair look pretty. Fan it over the pillow as you lay down, condition it so it’s soft when he runs his fingers through it, and don’t use hairspray (keep it natural and flowing).

#3 Easy on the Makeup

Movie stars always have perfect make-up before sex. They also have perfect make-up during sex and when they wake up in the morning. Of course, what you don’t see is the make-up artist hovering over them between takes brushing up their blush and touching up their lipstick. It’s all a lie. Since you don’t want mascara running down your cheeks in the midst of a sweaty orgasm, and you definitely don’t want red lipstick smudged all over his shoulders as you’re biting him in bliss, leave the make-up off or use only the absolute bare minimum needed to look un-zombified.

#4 Pinch Your Cheeks

Attractive brunette woman doing make up

If you want to give yourself a fresh flush, pinch your cheeks a little before he enters the room. Rosy cheeks are a turn on (that’s why women wear blush) and it makes you look flushed and excited for him. It also cuts out on unnecessary make-up.

#5 Soften the Lighting

It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are (and you really are, believe me), soft lighting gives off a romantic feel and thus makes you look sexier. It’s not that it prevents him from seeing you (he still sees you), it’s that it puts an ambiance into the room. Nobody wants to have sex under harsh florescent lights. Dim the lights or light a few candles instead.

#6 Baby Oil/Lotion

Before you even think about hopping into bed with him, soften up your skin. I recommend baby oil (because it also gives you a little glow), but not all men like the smell of baby oil (it reminds them of babies and that can be a mood killer). However, lathering yourself up with a moisturizing body lotion or cream before sex ensures that his fingers are caressing your skin at its best.

#7 Give a Sleepy/Sultry Look

Fashionable photo of young sexy lady wearing white lingerie, amazing body

There’s a time to be goofy and silly, there’s a time to be angry and wonton, but when you’re about to have sex you need to look sultry. Give him the sleepy gaze. Instead of having your eyes wide and alert, lower your eye lids and look at him as if you’re teasing him to come to you. Flirt softly with your eyes. When he enters you for the first time, widen your eyes and look straight into his. Nothing else in the world is going to matter other than that look at that moment.

#8 Wear Flattering Lingerie

I am shaped like a pear (a pear with a few extra pounds) which means I do not look good in fancy lingerie meant for thin women. My thighs are much bigger than my calves, so out with the thigh highs and stilettoes. What I do look good in is anything that accentuates my firm behind and something that pushes up the girls (gravity has a negative effect on breasts, ladies). A short silk spaghetti strapped nightie is more flattering than a tight leather thing you can’t possibly get out of quickly. Dress for success. Accentuate your assets, lift the parts that sag, and make it easy for him to take it off. On a side note, I’ve never met a woman that doesn’t look good in a corset! Give that one a try.

#9 Wear Nothing but a Sheet

While many men love to look at lingerie, there is still plenty of time to pull out all the tricks. If you’re just sleeping together for the first time (or the first couple of times), then it’s more important you get a feel for one another. Leave the lingerie aside for a while and use the sheet to your advantage. Lie down on the bed naked and cover yourself with the sheet. Flare your hair across the pillow, then cross your arms under your breasts to push them up, leaving just the top of your cleavage exposed. Ben your knees, but leave one leg out showing off your calf and foot. The hint of skin mixed with the knowledge of what happens under the sheets is going to drive him wild!

#10 Feel Sexy

Finally, the most important thing you can do for yourself in order to look sexy in bed is to feel sexy in bed. One very easy trick to feeling sexy is to get yourself aroused before it’s time. If you have to masturbate, or even tease yourself, then do it. When you’re aroused you’re going to want sex, which will make you feel sexy. It also puts off some amazing pheromones.

No matter what your body type is, or how many people you’ve slept with, feeling sexy is the most important part of being sexy. Always remember, though, you really are sexy and he already knows that. So, what do you do to look sexier in bed?

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